Made as part of the Technically A Game Jam. Theme : Like X but Y - in this case it's something like a roguelike / dungeon crawler (e.g. Moonlighter) but Turn-Based.

Controls :

  • Move - Left Mouse Button
  • Attack - Left Mouse Button (while hovering over a character / object)
  • End Turn - Middle Mouse Button / Space bar

Tips / Info : 

  • Mostly designed for single-player but could also be 2 player co-op since you have control over two heros (a warrior/knight and an archer)
  • Movement uses pathfinding but you can also specify an exact path if you click on the player first. Each turn the warrior hero can move 5 tiles and archer hero moves 6.
  • Turns automatically end if you attack.
  • Fairies heal +20hp, might also be able to find chests which contain heal potions +10hp.
  • Enemies (and pots) drop coins when defeated. You can't spend them on anything, but see how many you can collect. It can also be useful to not collect them instantly, as enemies can't move through them ;)
  • The game ends when the boss is defeated.


Download 28 MB